Nolte: CNN Says James O’Keefe Broke Law by Doing What CNN Did to Melania

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas

Far-left CNN called the police on James O’Keefe after the Project Veritas founder revealed he had spent the last two months monitoring and recording the corrupt cable channel’s daily editorial calls with CNNLOL chief Jeff Zucker.

This is an actual tweet from CNNLOL from Monday afternoon: “Legal experts say this may be a felony. We‘ve referred it to law enforcement.”

If there’s one thing to love about CNNLOL, it is stuff like this. They are such babies. Such spoiled, entitled, thin-skinned, little man-babies. Yes, CNNLOL is corrupt and embraces and encourages political violence and all that, but you can’t help but laugh when they freak out like little babies over stuff like  this — especially when the tantrum and the tattling to law enforcement is because someone did to CNNLOL what CNNLOL has repeatedly done to others.

CNNLOL must have wrote a half-dozen stories about Breitbart’s internal communications because — just like James O’Keefe and these conference calls — someone gave CNNLOL access to them. And let’s not forget it was only 60 days ago that CNNLOL went going crazy over recordings of first lady Melania Trump (who was guilty of nothing more than being awesome).

And now the spoiled, entitled man-babies at CNNLOL are calling the police on James O’Keefe because James O’Keefe did what CNNLOL and the rest of the media have been doing for decades.

When CNNOL had access to our internal communications, we didn’t call the police.  We didn’t like it, but it’s not illegal. When CNNLOL released secret audio recordings of the first lady, we didn’t scream and holler that the White House should call the police. It was cheap and catty, mean-spirited more than anything else, but it’s not illegal.

You don’t think CNN has listened in on GOP conference calls, on Trump campaign conference calls by way of a sources who — just like O’Keefe’s source — gave out the phone number and access code?

Of course they have.

That’s the job.

All O’Keefe is doing here is what O’Keefe always does — some capital “J” journalism, something CNNLOL hasn’t done in more than a half decade.

CNNLOL is a wealthy, fat, powerful corrupt arm of a wealthy, fat, powerful, corrupt multinational corporation and a whistleblower believed this wealthy, fat, powerful corruption needed to be exposed, so the whistleblower reached out to a capital “J” journalist in James O’Keefe.

That’s as American as it gets.

That is journalism at its finest.

And when confronted with journalism, real journalism, CNNLOL is calling the police on journalists, which is both revealing and freakin’ hilarious.

Over at CNNLOL, journalism is a crime. We’ve known for years it was forbidden over there, but now it’s a crime.

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