Hannity: How Is It Sessions Is Recused Over Possible Conflicts of Interest But Not Rosenstein?

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s involvement in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Hannity questioned how it could be Attorney General Jeff Sessions was recused, but not Rosenstein.

Partial transcript as follows:

He didn’t need a cover story at all. Remember, even Comey himself said the president had the right to fire him for any reason. That’s fake news. That’s hysteria. That’s outright lying to you the American people.

Now, this comes after our own Adam Housley reported that McCabe allegedly threatened to take others down with him if he was fired. Get it? They’re now turning on each other.

Now, in reality, this McCabe memo provides literally no evidence that the president did anything wrong. Instead, the memo does reveal something else according to the document. The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — I’ve been warning you to keep that name in your head — he told McCabe about conversations he had with the president surrounding the FBI’s Russia investigation and the firing of Comey.

Now, this means Rod Rosenstein again it’s obviously a witness to the special counsel’s investigation, witness number one. This very investigation he’s overseeing. He’s even more compromised than we thought tonight. So, how is it possible again the Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself over so-called possible conflicts of interest, citing the wrong law and statute in doing so, but Rod Rosenstein, he’s not conflicted?

Remember, he also signed that final FISA warrant he put his signature on it, and that was with the bought and paid for Hillary Clinton dossier Russian propaganda a foreign agent literally using Russian lies. Yes, to lie to you the American people.

Just one more wrinkle to Mueller’s completely flawed, fraudulent witch- hunt, it needs to end. Look at what this is doing to this country. And by the way, you the American people have already paid more than $60 million to fund this partisan effort of Robert Mueller, and for what? Three hundred seventy-nine days without any evidence of any Russia so-called collusion whatsoever? Nothing.

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