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Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large and in-house counsel at Breitbart News. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, he also has a degree in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town. He ran for Congress in 2010 in his hometown of Skokie, IL and worked as a Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute, as well as speechwriter to the Leader of the Opposition in the South African Parliament. He enjoys improv comedy, rock 'n' roll, and the literature of liberal apostates and iconoclasts. His wife Julia is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Pardee Rand Graduate School and his daughter Maya is unbelievably cute.

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For Rick Perry, California Visits Offer Practice for 2016

When my Breitbart California colleague Adelle Nazarian and I met Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the magnificent La Valencia hotel in tony La Jolla, he looked more like a venture capital executive than a governor. Jun 26, 2014 3:00 PM PT

Scalia: SCOTUS Still Defies the Constitution in Appointments Case

Justice Antonin Scalia concurred with the majority on the Supreme Court in the unanimous decision to strike down President Barack Obama's "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board in NLRB v. Noel Canning. However, he wrote that the majority's interpretation, which still allows the president to make recess appointments when the Senate is not yet between sessions, departs from the original text of the Constitution. Jun 26, 2014 9:02 AM PT

Breakthrough: California Endorses Levin's Article V Convention

Liberal Democrats in California's state legislature have endorsed a conservative proposal to use a process that is described in Article V of the U.S. Constitution to call a convention for the purpose of drafting new amendments. The proposal for an Article V convention, which has never been used since the constitution was ratified, was endorsed by conservative talk radio host Mark R. Levin in 2013 in a bestselling book, The Liberty Amendments. Jun 26, 2014 5:27 AM PT

Poll: Kashkari Trails Brown by 20%

Republican moderate Neel Kashkari begins his gubernatorial challenge to incumbent Democrat Jerry Brown 20 points behind in the latest Field Poll, released Wednesday morning. While Kashkari appears to have cemented his support among Republicans, Brown leads Kashkari among almost every other group of voters. Regionally, Brown leads everywhere except in parts of Southern California outside L.A., San Diego and Orange County. Jun 25, 2014 6:40 AM PT

Politico Celebrates Cochran: 'Cantor Looks Like an Outlier'

Politico's James Hohmann has released his list of "takeaways" from Tuesday's primaries, among which is the claim that Eric Cantor's loss in Virginia earlier this month is "an outlier" in 2014. Leaving out Tea Party victories in places like Nebraska, or the fact that Chris McDaniel forced incumbent Thad Cochran into a runoff in the first place, Hohmann sounds the all-clear for "the GOP establishment...and incumbents of both parties." Jun 25, 2014 6:32 AM PT

Shame: SF Gay Pride Parade Bans Military Recruiters

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade has banned military recruiters from participating in the 44th annual event this weekend, the most iconic of its kind in the world, due to the National Guard's policy against transgendered service members, and in protest against sexual assaults in the military, the Daily Caller reports Wednesday. Jun 25, 2014 5:43 AM PT

New York Times Whitewashes Cochran's Racial Tactics

I'm not particularly aggrieved by Thad Cochran's victory in the Senate runoff in Mississippi over challenger Chris McDaniel. Cochran's tactics--ginning up fear among black Democrats by exploiting false accusations of racism against the Tea Party--may be nasty, and they certainly end whatever claim Cochran had to being a conservative or even a decent public servant. But they are not illegal, and once he decided to fight, he fought to win. There's a lesson in that for conservatives.  Jun 25, 2014 4:08 AM PT

Israel Goes to War Over a Muslim Teenager

News reports are flying about airstrikes by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) inside Syria, the most serious response by Israel to cross-border violence in the past several years. The IDF response came after an Israeli teenager was killed by an anti-tank missile from Syria over the weekend. What few media outlets are reporting, however, is that the teenager whose death sparked the operation is an Arab--and Muslim--citizen of Israel. Jun 23, 2014 8:54 AM PT

Disneyland Fire Visible for 'Miles'

A small fire at Disneyland on Sunday that was visible throughout the Anaheim theme park and for "miles around" frightened many tourists, according to a report by CBS News' Los Angeles affiliate. Jun 23, 2014 6:58 AM PT

Stanford's Fouad Ajami Has Died

Fouad Ajami, who was a senior fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and one of the most passionate critics of President Barack Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East, passed away Sunday after a battle with cancer. Jun 22, 2014 4:47 PM PT

Silicon Beach Fest Highlights L.A. Tech Boom

California's economy may be struggling overall, but the beach communities of Los Angeles are enjoying a major boom, thanks in part to the proliferation of new startup companies in the corridor from El Segundo north to Santa Monica, nicknamed "Silicon Beach." This week, local startups came together for the third annual Silicon Beach Fest to share business tips, make connections, and celebrate the start of summer with evening events. Jun 20, 2014 11:33 AM PT

Big Blue Bus: 7000 Words, 135 Miles, 18 Buses, 4 Dollars, 1 Day

On Thursday, June 19th, I rode every single bus in the “Big Blue Bus” system run by the City of Santa Monica, California. That's 18 individual bus lines--none more than once (a nineteenth, which serves Santa Monica College, closed for the summer). From dawn to dusk, over more than 15 hours, and 135 miles, I traveled the length and breadth of the west side of L.A. for the day fare of $4.00, seeing the city from within its highly underused public transport system. Why? Jun 20, 2014 12:08 AM PT

NPR Links Bundy--not Occupy--to Las Vegas Murders

National Public Radio's Morning Edition aired a story by Kirk Siegler on Tuesday morning on the enduring tensions at Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada, where armed protestors faced down the federal government in May. The story notes that the married couple who carried out a deadly shooting spree in Las Vegas last week had been at the Bundy ranch. Siegler fails, however, to note that they had also been at an Occupy protest. Jun 17, 2014 9:44 AM PT

How NOT to Cooperate with Iran in Iraq

The United States is prepared to work with the Iranian regime to defend the Iraqi government against the Sunni terrorists who are trying to take over the country, Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier this week. Though the Obama administration was quick to insist that cooperation with Iran will not include military coordination, that is likely untrue: in the present circumstances there is no other cooperation that would be worth discussing. Jun 17, 2014 6:36 AM PT


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