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Trump Rallies Draw Huge Crowds. Does It Matter?

Donald Trump’s rallies have been drawing large, capacity crowds across the country over the past week, dwarfing — by far — most of the crowds at Hillary Clinton events. But do Trump’s crowds mean anything — and if so, what?

New California Primary Poll: Sanders 44, Clinton 43

Sen. Bernie Sanders achieved his first lead over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll released on Thursday. Sanders drew support from 44% of eligible Democratic voters, versus 43% for Clinton. The result, within

Bernie Sanders Supporters May Not Vote Hillary in November

DAVIS, California — Fans of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are torn over their loyalty to the Democratic Party and have expressed skepticism as to whether they would be willing to support Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton over the seasoned socialist if she clinches the nomination.

Bernie Sanders flag (Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty)

3rd Poll Shows Sanders in Dead Heat with Clinton, Down by 2

A Field Poll released on Thursday shows Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) trailing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by two points in the California primary, 45-43, a statistical dead heat. It is the third poll in a week to show a two-point margin between the two — a virtual tie, within the poll’s 3.2% margin of error.

Bernie Road Tip (Rosario Dawson / Twitter)

Celebs Take RV Road Trip to Campaign for Bernie Sanders

With California’s June 7 primary inching closer and the Democrat presidential nomination on the line, several celebrities have taken their support for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on the highway for a get-out-the-vote RV road trip across the Golden State.