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Boston Globe: Donald Trump ‘YouTube’s Biggest New Star’

Donald Trump’s weekly presidential addresses have become YouTube hits. Unlike the addresses of past presidents — which attracted little attention — Trump’s videos have “become surprise online blockbusters — with record numbers of Internet viewers,” the Boston Globe’s Annie Linskey reports.

Google Announces Policy Change After Big Brands Pull Advertising Due to ‘Extremist Content’

Google’s European boss has announced a policy change along with apologizing for allowing advertisements on Google and YouTube to appear next to extremist material. Multiple organizations, including the UK government, have already pulled their advertisements for fear of damaging their brands and contributing to the funding of groups whose videos their advertisements appeared next to.

UK Government Pulls Advertising from YouTube

The British Government has pulled all advertising from YouTube over concerns that their adverts were appearing on “inappropriate” videos. The BBC, the Guardian and Channel 4 also backed out of YouTube advertising over similar worries. The Cabinet Office said that

Google Announces YouTube TV to Compete with Cable

Google announced on Tuesday the launch of the new YouTube TV service: a so-called “skinny bundle” that lets you stream select cable TV channels on any device at a much cheaper price than regular cable television providers.