Top Five Worst Polls for Joe Biden in 2023

Houthis - President Biden Honors 21st Anniversary Of 9/11 At The Pentagon
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President Joe Biden has had a rocky 2023.

In polling throughout the last 12 months, Joe Biden received several negative results, some of which show him as the least popular president of the modern era and others that show him trailing his political rival, former President Donald Trump, in a 2024 rematch.

Biden’s approval rating stands in the low thirties. It never recovered after he directed the deadly Afghan withdrawal in 2021. Soaring inflation after the massive post-pandemic spending, low consumer sentiment, and draconian coronavirus mandates kept his approval numbers poor throughout 2022 and 2023.

As Biden looks to rebound heading into 2024, he will need to dramatically reverse course to improve his popularity. “And if he can’t get his approval ratings up — and quick — then he and the Democratic Party need to have a serious conversation about replacing him on the Democratic ticket in the 2024 presidential race,” the Hill’s Madison Hall wrote Tuesday.

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It appears the Democrats are stuck with Biden. Many Democrat state primary deadlines have come and gone. Legitimate alternative Democrat candidates never emerged to mount a serious primary challenge. Polling shows that Vice President Kamala Harris and election denier Hillary Clinton would be the preferred Democrat candidates to replace Biden, but Harris’s popularity is one of the lowest in history for a vice president, and Trump previously defeated Mrs. Clinton.

That leaves Biden atop the ticket in 2024 with a bevy of negative polling to combat. Below are the top five worst polls Biden must face during the presidential election cycle:

1. FiveThirtyEight: Joe Biden Least Popular President in Modern History

Biden’s approval rating is -18 percentage points:

  • 37.7 percent approve of Biden.
  • 55.6 percent disapprove of Biden.

2. WSJ: Only 23 Percent of Voters Said Biden’s Policies Helped Them

  • Forty-nine percent of voters said Trump’s policies personally benefited them.
  • Only 23 percent said the same for Biden’s policies.

3. CNN: Majority Say ‘No Chance’ They Would Vote for Joe Biden in 2024

  • Fifty-one percent said there was “no chance” they would vote for Biden.
  • Forty-five percent said they were Biden voters.
  • Only four percent labeled themselves as “potential” Biden voters.

4. TIPP: Majority Say Joe Biden Violated FARA by Assisting Hunter in Ukraine Deal

  • Sixty-three percent said Biden violated FARA.
  • Twenty-nine percent said Biden did not violate the law.
  • Eight percent were unsure.

5. Yahoo/YouGov: Majority of Voters Say Joe Biden Committed Crime with Hunter Biden

  • Fifty-one percent of voters said Joe Biden committed a crime with Hunter Biden.
  • Thirty-six percent of voters said he did not.

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