China: ‘Ceasefire’ to Stop Israel from Defending Itself Is a ‘Top Priority’

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The Chinese Communist regime, ignoring criticism for not taking a stand against the rape gangs and death squads Hamas unleashed against Israeli civilians Saturday, continued trying to rescue Hamas from the consequences of its own actions on Thursday by demanding an immediate ceasefire followed by Israel making concessions to the Palestinians.

“China will continue to promote a ceasefire to end the violence, help to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, actively encourage peace and promote talks, and play a constructive role in promoting a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the question of Palestine,” said China’s Middle East Envoy Zhai Jun.

Zhai said the only way to end the fighting was to “implement a two-state solution, resume peace negotiations, establish an independent state of Palestine and achieve a peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel.”

China has reportedly been looking for Egyptian help in pushing its ceasefire proposals. Zhai has been speaking with Palestinian officials and planned to contact Israel on Thursday for the first time since the Hamas massacre on Saturday.

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Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades via Storyful

Irit Ben-Abba, the Israeli ambassador to China, said Thursday that if Beijing wants to make itself useful, it could use its clout with Iran to convince Tehran to stop supporting terrorist attacks.

“We really hope China can be much more involved in talking to its close partners in the Middle East and particularly Iran. Iran is definitely very much involved in what has happened,” Ben-Abba said.

Iran Hamas - Tamar, Yonatan and their children Shachar (6), Arbel (6), Omer (4) were brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Nir Oz. (@EladStr Twitter/X)

Tamar, Yonatan, and their children — Shachar (6), Arbel (6), and Omer (4) — were brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Nir Oz. (@EladStr Twitter/X)

The regime in Beijing has yet to denounce the brutal Hamas attack, saying only that it was “saddened” by the loss of life on both sides and urging “all parties” to act with restraint. Chinese officials have refused to use the word “terrorism” to describe the actions of Hamas or even acknowledge that Hamas sparked the current round of hostilities with a sneak attack on a Jewish holiday.

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The Chinese government is a longtime supporter of the Palestinians and a close ally of Iran, the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism. 

Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford told Politico on Thursday that China might be a little nervous about jeopardizing its billion-dollar semiconductor imports from Israel, but it is “clearly afraid of offending the Arab side” because Beijing has been seeking to build its influence in the Middle East.

Politico suggested China is playing an even longer ideological game because, like the Soviet Union before it, the Chinese want to use “oppression” narratives and “decolonization” movements to destabilize its Western adversaries:

Countries in Africa, Latin America and beyond often see Palestinians’ struggle against occupation — or what a U.N. expert has declared is an Israeli “apartheid” policy — as akin to fighting colonization.

South Africa, for instance, issued a statement declaring that “the new conflagration has arisen from the continued illegal occupation of Palestine land, continued settlement expansion, desecration of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Christian holy sites, and ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.”

Beijing’s rhetoric could pull it close to nations like these that have already benefited from Chinese infrastructure investment, from highways to massive new ports.

The Chinese have been busy using their propaganda machine to paint the United States as the real villain behind turbulence in the Middle East and presenting Beijing as an alternative hegemonic power. The hypocrisy that China used concentration camps, invasive surveillance, and torture to solve its own “security problem” with a militant Muslim population appears to be lost on Beijing’s Middle Eastern audience.

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