Senior British ‘Conservative’ Politician Dumps on ‘Lawbreaker’ Trump Supporters After Indictment

U.S. President Trump's State Visit To UK - Day One
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A senior member of Britain’s governing Conservative Party has dumped on Donald Trump supporters in the wake of his indictment, calling their “blind love” of the former president “frustrating”.

Alicia Kearns MP, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons, appeared on TalkTV, a creature of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp which counts Piers Morgan as its major star, to discuss the then-breaking news of Donald Trump’s indictment, using the opportunity to trash not just the former president but also his supporters.

“[T]he frustrating thing is it doesn’t seem to matter what President Trump does, somehow his backers have this blind love, affection, support for him, that almost they celebrate his lawbreaking,” complained the woke politician, glossing over the fact that, as yet, Trump is yet to be convicted.

In a classic example of the “balance” which is supposedly a legal requirement in British broadcasting, Kearns was joined for the segment by the Lord Austin of Dudley, a former Labour Party government minister now sitting as a life peer, who added that “any sort of reasonable person or decent person would sort of hide themselves away in shame” if they had done “the sorts of things [Trump] has done”.

Kearns then chimed back in to say “we should be worried about this; we shouldn’t be in a situation where voters are celebrating the fact they want to back someone because they too are a lawbreaker; we shouldn’t be looking up to people in public service and public life and going: ‘do you know what, he breaks the law and so do I, so I’m gonna vote for him'” — appearing to caricature Trump’s supporter base as some vast criminal fraternity.

Kearns went on to say that Britain’s Conservative-led government has “a very positive relationship with the Biden government” — despite the 80-year-old Democrat’s anti-British tendencies and habit of pressuring Britain to cave to European Union demands in Brexit disputes, apparently — and that the British-American relationship was “incredibly precious”, but added that it was “stretched to its extreme when you have President Trump in control”.

Austin, not to be outdone, then responded to the presenter raising the matter of Trump sharing an article in which the phrase “the Democrats want a war, let’s give it to them” had been used on social media as if this had been a literal call to civil conflict, wailing: “So irresponsible, so dangerous — I mean, this is a society and a country that’s full of guns, you know, that’s awash with guns, and it only takes one, you know, one  lunatic, one extremist, or one sort of person with mental health issues or whatever, to pick up a gun and create carnage, and the guy’s totally irresponsible, he doesn’t care what happens, look what happened at the capitol. I mean, what a disaster.”

“Yeah,” concurred Kearns, nodding enthusiastically throughout.

She concluded by predicting that Trump would use his indictment as “petrol” to fuel his campaign for the Republican nomination, and that he would “argue that the Manhattan elite — out of touch, captured by foreign states — is trying to make sure that he is held back from making Britain [sic] great again… but the reality is if he is guilty of a crime he has to be held to account.”

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