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The Dodd-Frank-Dinsdale Act of 2010

There’s a saying about politics and law making that if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu. In other words, if you’re a businessman and a big government liberal threatens your industry, cozy up to him to try

Obama's War on Workers

The Obama Administration wants to eliminate jobs and make more people dependent on the government.  There simply isn’t any other way to put it.  They have turned their sites on for-profit, non-traditional colleges, like trade schools and continuing-ed programs for

Shane Osborn is a Bad Friend

A story by the Omaha World-Herald today could spell deeper trouble for the mysterious naval officer who produced a fake memo at the request of U.S. Senate candidate and former Navy pilot Shane Osborn.  The World-Herald reported that television station KETV

Mike Rowe on Finding Mr. Right

Forgive me, Convo readers, for another post linking to my book, Finding Mr. Righteous.  This time I have a point, I promise.  The point is that Mike Rowe is right about nearly everything.  He’s right about skilled trades.  He’s right

Dana Perino on Intolerant LGBT Leaders

Dana Perino has a great opinion piece on today about San Diego congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.   For instance, DeMaio has been the target of homophobic attacks. But where are those attacks coming from? It’s not always from the

Romney Back in the Political Game

A few weeks ago I was at an event at my hair salon and I had the opportunity to talk to a local jewelry designer.  Like many Americans, she doesn’t pay attention to politics every day.  She had recently seen

Red Eye Confessions

This week I was on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld for the first time.  It’s been a dream of mine ever since I watched it for the first time.  Red Eye is the reason I got DVR.  I have the

Red Eye Confessions

How to Get Ahead in Any Town, Not Just 'This Town'

Next on  my reading list is Charles Murray’s The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead.  On the tips for transitioning from college to the working world, he writes: I’m thinking especially of tip No. 1, “Don’t suck up.” How can I

'Citizens' Group Still Lobbying for Sugar with 'Read Your Labels' Day

In their continued silliness, the stealth Citizens for Health (i.e. Citizens for Sugar) is advising that “High Fructose Corn Syrup Named the #1 Ingredient to Avoid for National ‘Read Your Labels Day.’”  From their press release: Consumer advocate group Citizens

The Transparency Trap

Following plaintiff Shaun McCutcheon’s victory in the campaign finance reform case, several conservatives have hailed him as a hero. Certainly, he was on the right side of the issue of campaign donation limits, but like many he still doesn’t get

Yes, BuzzFeed, America is Great

Over the weekend I saw this video at BuzzFeed of “Facts That Will Restore Your Faith in America.”  In the section titled “Progress,” the video boasts that “Less than half of the population believes the U.S.A. is better than everyone.

Yes, BuzzFeed, America is Great

6th Grader Can Save U.S. Government Over $400 million

America is great because of Americans, not because of government.  Government sucks because they don’t listen to Americans.  Example 8,435, 234: It all started as a science fair project. As a neophyte sixth-grader at Dorseyville Middle School, Suvir noticed he

Stop Detroit's Shell Game on Assets

For months now I’ve been shouting Greg Gutfeld’s sentiments on paying Detroit’s creditors and pensioners — “Sell the damn art!” Next month the city’s emergency city manager, Kevyn Orr, will present yet another plan on digging Detriot out of its

Exclusive Excerpt of 'Finding Mr. Righteous'

It’s fitting that the only place you’ll find this exclusive excerpt of my new book, Finding Mr. Righteous, is on Below is an excerpt where I describe one of the many times when Andrew Breitbart inspired a conservative to break

Exclusive Excerpt of 'Finding Mr. Righteous'

'God's Not Dead' and New Lessons

I saw God’s Not Dead this morning.  Given that it’s a Christian movie and is being promoted by churches across the country, it’s no surprise that the movie has a message. I happen to agree with the message, but I

Another Reason to Love Greg Gutfeld

I love all the promotion for Greg Gutfeld’s new book Not Cool because it means more Greg Gutfeld. Everywhere! In a recent interview with The Blaze, Gutfeld talked about his views on religion as a non-religious person. Gutfeld: Well you

On Celebrating the New York Times' Token Christian… Not So Fast

Over the weekend, I gleefully read and shared this Blaze article about Michael Luo, a proud Christian reporter at the New York Times. Michael Luo, a deputy metropolitan editor at the New York Times, is a Bible-believing Christian who has

Dereliction of Duty in Detroit

I’ve had my eye on Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings because it is indicative of what’s to come for a lot of cities.  How Detroit deals with its bankruptcy could also set a precedent for other cities forced to deal with the

Actor Jared Leto Had Stronger Pro-Life Message Than CPAC

I really did not intend to write anything negative about CPAC this year.  They were gracious enough to invite me to do a book signing.  It had a great turn-out and the book was sold out at the CPAC bookstore!

How to Succeed in Solar Energy: Grab Government Giveaways

Time and time again, the free market has spoken on alternative energy companies.  Yet, we keep hearing about booming companies like SolarCity. (via knows the secret to their success: The company’s stock, initially offered at $8 a share

New York Goes After Bottomless Mimosas

An attack on brunch?   As a New York Times headline should say, “Women and gay men hardest hit.” No wonder they didn’t announce this before the mayoral election. From The Foundry: The NYC Hospitality Alliance sent out an alert

Another Taxpayer-Funded Solar Energy Boondoggle

One of the recurring themes in the Leftist playbook is using government regulations and handouts to pick and choose winners in business.  The latest solar energy boondoggle is SolarCity. highlights one customer’s horror story in dealing with SolarCity: [I]n

The Left Ramps Up Attacks on Conservative Organizations

The 2014 elections are fast-approaching.  Every day Americans are getting health care policy cancellation notices, coping with unemployment or underemployment, and getting fed up with an Administration that’s outright hostile to its citizens.  The Left is desperate to hold on

Is Texting Killing Romance?

A recent study found that for couples who communicated by text for things like apologies, disagreements and decision-making, the women reported less satisfaction in their relationship. For men who reported less satisfaction in their relationship it was because of too

The Obama Economy and Lingering Effects of Long-Term Unemployment

A recent survey done by shows the effects of unemployment on job seekers.  For many, it’s not just the loss of income.  According to a new CareerBuilder survey, the loss of a regular income has affected the long-term unemployed

'Finding Mr. Righteous' Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m excited to announce that my first book, Finding Mr. Righteous, is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  It will be released on February 25, 2014. I’m honored to have some really awesome endorsements from my favorite writers.  I don’t

'Finding Mr. Righteous' Now Available for Pre-Order

More Educated Women 'Marrying Down'

Contrary to some of the commenters on my post about being conservative and single, the number of women who are ‘marrying down’ (men with less education) is rising.  From the LA Times: A record number of American women are “marrying

McCotter on Obamacare's 'Liberation Economics'

I really miss having Thad McCotter in D.C.  I suspect he doesn’t miss it all.  Today he offers wisdom on Obamacare’s ‘liberation economics’ shuffle. As is their wont, in an Orwellian twist the Left claims the projected 2.3 million jobs

Media Paints Conservatives as Xenophobic, Conservatives Play Along

Fellow conservatives, I beg you.  Stop going down these ridiculous rabbit holes the Left wants us to engage on.  It doesn’t matter what side you’re on regarding the Coke ad.  We’re still playing by their rules.  Now instead of talking

Sen. Feinstein Uses Junk Science to Stoke Parents' Fears

More scientific evidence emerging that #BPA is linked to obesity, heart disease and hormone changes in young people. — Sen Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein) February 3, 2014 Junk science claims aren’t just limited to global warming (or as they call

Liberals Rush to Condemn Sexual Assault Victim

This post isn’t about Hollywood hero Woody Allen, but my headline illustrates a point I want to make about the way the media treated Coke’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad.  The media was quick to write headlines purporting that

How to Be a Successful Conservative* Actor on NBC

Step 1: Be Rob Lowe From If you were scared you wouldn’t see Rob Lowe weekly after his stint in ‘Parks and Recreation’ ending, worry no more! NBC ordered a pilot for a comedy starring Lowe and executive produced

Media Suddenly Obsessed with Duck Dynasty's Ratings

Since Duck Dynasty premiered a few weeks ago the media seems to be obsessed with whether they’ve kept up their high ratings from the previous season.  From NY Daily News: Wednesday night’s episode of A&E’s hit reality series drew 6.65

The Atlantic: Nearly Half of College Grads 'Underemployed'

Underemployment isn’t a new phenomenon.  However, The Atlantic talks about what’s different this time. Using Census data, the bank [of New York]’s researchers found that, through 2012, roughly 44 percent of working, young college graduates were “underemployed,” meaning they were in

Wendy Davis Feminism: Stand By Your Man Until the Bills Are Paid

Wendy Davis is continuing in the footsteps of “great” feminist leaders who climbed up the political ladder on the backs of the men who supported them financially.  It was revealed in the Dallas Morning News that her ex-husband cashed in

Wendy Davis Feminism: Stand By Your Man Until the Bills Are Paid