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State Leaders Need Their Rebel Base

During the midterm elections, conservatives ushered in a new crop of Republican representatives, senators, governors, and state legislators. Most of the winners promised to cut the size and scope of government. While we still have many obstacles on the federal level, there are real examples on the state level of cutting government waste.

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In Defense of Donald Trump at CPAC

A few weeks ago, I wrote about “political punks”–people like Andrew Breitbart, Greg Gutfeld, Clint Eastwood, Ann Coulter, and Gavin McInnis, who buck the cultural left and political right. Of course, there are several people I neglected to list in the column, as many commenters reminded me. (Hi, Sabo fans!)

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Political Punks

What do Clint Eastwood, Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld and Gavin McInnes have in common?

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Scott Walker: A New Hope

Rush Limbaugh said on his Monday radio program that Scott Walker is the “blueprint for the Republican party” if they want to beat the Left in 2016.

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De Pasquale: Judd Apatow’s Random Acts of Outrage

A few days ago, director and Hollywood darling Judd Apatow went on a Twitter rant against Bill Cosby. The Washington Post wrote, “Apatow’s outspokenness is rare among entertainment industry figures, who have remained largely silent on the allegations that have swirled around Cosby for years but have reached a fever pitch over the last several months.”

Hollywood’s War on Women Exposed!

Sony Pictures was recently the victim of a huge computer hack.  Many articles have focused on the movies that were published, but finds something the feminist beancounters might be interested in. The salary list is contained in a spreadsheet from the

Books to Give This Christmas

Books to Give This Christmas

I like to read books, but I really love to give books. They’re easy to wrap. They’re usually under $20. They can be shared with others. Most importantly, buying them supports people I like.  Finding Mr. Righteous by Lisa De

Who Will a Higher Minimum Wage Actually Help?

The Daily Signal put up this video of comments from federal workers who are on strike because they want a higher minimum wage.  Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) says that it isn’t fair for the top 1% to have so much

Do You Believe in Miracles?

There was a time when I didn’t believe in God or miracles or anything else related to Christianity.  I wrote in my book, Finding Mr. Righteous, about my religious journey and the moments that led to becoming Christian.  One of

This Halloween Be as Sexy or Offensive as You Want to Be

This Halloween Be as Sexy or Offensive as You Want to Be

For the last couple of years we can’t stop hearing about ridiculous sexy costumes.  Sexy Pizza.  Sexy Ghostbuster.  Sexy Mouse.  Even Sexy Wednesday Addams.  This has prompted a lot of articles from feminists with phrases like “we should be asking

How to Tell When a Democrat is Losing

Macaca. Legitimate rape. Forty-seven percent. Remember these phrases?  The media said they defined the Republican candidates.  There was endless coverage of them.  But what happens when a Democrat says that he doesn’t support parental consent before a 14 year-old can

Winning the Senate Depends on Picking the Right Battles

I’m generally skeptical of consultants who hype up digital and social media capabilities while ignoring the “old-fashioned” part of campaigning.  Much was made in the 2012 election about the Obama campaign’s use of technology, while ignoring the boots on the

The Five Most Anti-Libertarian TV Shows

Following my post last week on’s Five Most Libertarian TV Shows, I had to share their latest post on the anti-libertarian TV shows.  

Move Over, Michelle, Surgeon General is New Nanny-in-Chief

Every time I hear that there is a message from the office of the Surgeon General my first thought is “We still have a Surgeon General?”  Then I hear about whatever silly issue the office is pushing and I wonder

The Lobbyist and the Entrepreneur

Last week, Glenn Reynolds (the great Instapundit) remarked that “when lobbying pays better than any other investment” you end up with a decline in entrepreneurship.  Indeed, recent data shows that start-up businesses are on the decline.  The Daily Signal recently

2014 Emmys Cause for Optimism for Conservatives… No, Really

During last night’s Emmys there were several jokes about the fact that while the award show took place on network TV, most of the nominations were for cable and Netflix shows.  Also, this year marked a record number of nominations

NRA Launches

Today NRA launched, a website dedicated to exposing Bloomberg and and elitist, hypocritical and anti-freedom agenda. Check out their first ad:

Former SNL Actor: Show 'Killed Sarah Palin'

In the newly updated book, Live From New York, former SNL Horatio Sanz boasts about the show’s political influence.  In an interview for the book, he said: I always kind of felt bad when Will Ferrell did his Bush impression because

An End to the SolarCity Fairy Tale?

It appears that Wall Street may finally realize that the phony SolarCity success story is coming to an end. Back in March I highlighted this Fox News/ report detailing all the government freebies they receive.  SolarCity’s own financial report said,

Another Reason to Love Andrew W.K.

I love Andrew W.K.  I love his wardrobe. I love “Party Hard.” I love when he’s on “Red Eye.”  Now I also love him for this very mature, nonpolitical response which appeared in his Village Voice advice column to a

Does One Man Really Know the Truth About Nixon and Watergate?

Roger Stone has some great points in this Fox News article, “It’s time for John Dean to tell the truth about Watergate.” Saturday, August 9 marks the fortieth anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation over the scandal known as Watergate.

'43' Writing Biography on '41'

Forwarded to me from a friend: Dear Bush Family and Friends, Later tonight, Crown Publishers will announce a biography of President George H. W. Bush (“41”) by his son, President George W. Bush (“43”). We wanted you to hear it

The Daily Mail Is a Couple Years Behind on Clinton Phone Sex Tapes

Today The Daily Mail reports that a “blockbuster new book” reveals that “Israel intercepted White House phone calls, including x-rated conversations.”   More from The Daily Mail: [A]s reported in the book, at a meeting held in October 1998 near

The Eco-Friendly Tax Credit Shell Game

You know how we keep hearing about the incentives for people to “go green” for the tax credits?  Turns out those tax credits aren’t always going to the consumer.  Solar City has come under frequent criticism of its unethical behavior

How Long Until Tim Howard Gets Tim Tebow'd?

I’m not a soccer fan and didn’t pretend to be these last few weeks.  I am a fan of America though, so I rooted for our team and its break-out star, Tim Howard.  He’s been making the media rounds, but

E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E!, an entertainment network on cable best known for giving the Kardashians show after show, waded into the recent SCOTUS news with this tweet. The best parts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing 35-page dissent in the Hobby Lobby birth control

Political Campaign Saves a Marriage!

File this under “Man Bites Dog.”  From the Capital Gazette: [Laura] Neuman said that despite the loss, the months of campaigning revived her marriage with Paul Volkman. Volkman had filed for divorce in March, but she’s eager to say they

AZ Democrats Continue False Narrative About Scott Walker

Perhaps one of the most blatant media lies this month (though we still have a week to go) is the recycled news of the baseless investigations of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  This primer on the media’s smearing of Walker is

VA's Single Payer System is Pelosi's Goal for Everyone

Democrats claiming they want to “fix” Obamacare are not to be believed.  As Sean Noble of American Encore noted, their goal is single-payer.  They will paint Obamacare as a failure of a “free market” system and suggest single-payer is the