Marco Rubio: Millennials Could Be ‘One Of The Greatest Generations’ In American History

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks at a campaign stop February 26, 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Marco Rubio is reaching out with a specific appeal to Millennials, urging them to back his campaign.

“Everything seems so negative,” he said at a rally at a local high school in Jenks, Oklahoma, referring to the news every day focusing on the problems around the world. He cited generational conflict as a common problem in America.

“Every generation thinks the next generation is really messed up,” he said, alluding to the common criticisms of the millennial generation. “I don’t believe that.”

He explained he spent a great deal of time with young people, including his children and his friends, and some of the students that he spent teaching at Florida International University.

“I honestly believe that our young Americans, millennials and younger, have a chance to be one of the greatest generations America has ever produced,” he said. “I believe that.”

He also marveled at the technological prowess of the new generation, pointing out that six year olds could do more on an iPad than he could. Millennials, he added, were know for collaborating with people around the world to solve problems.

“The world is about collaboration now, its about innovation, the world is made for us,” he said, pointing out that hundreds of millions of people around the world were taking advantage of free enterprise and technology to boost economic opportunity.

Rubio said if he was elected president he would not be divisive and would be “optimistic and excited” about the future and would love all Americans.

A recent Frank Luntz poll of Millennials showed that the majority of them would vote for Bernie Sanders with 45 percent signaling their support for the Vermont socialist. Hillary Clinton was in second place with 19 percent support followed by Trump in third place. Ted Cruz got fourth place followed by Marco Rubio at fifth.

To conclude his pitch to young people, Rubio alluded to an old PSA campaign from the 1980’s.

“Friends don’t let friends vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders. Friends don’t let friends vote for someone who is under FBI investigation like Hillary Clinton and friends don’t let friends vote for a con-artist either,” he said.