Group in Mississippi Protests Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy

transgender, AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File
Jackson, MS

A group of customers in Mississippi recently gathered in front of a Jackson Target to protest the retail giant’s pro-transgender bathroom policy.

As customers around the nation continue to react unfavorably to the decision by retail giant Target to allow men who claim to be transgender to use whatever store bathroom they choose at any given time, many worry that the loose policy will more easily deliver customers into the hands of sexual predators.

“A man could put on a dress and say, ‘I identify as a transgender,’ and they can go in there,” customer Keith Daltol told WAPT TV reporters.

Another protesting customer, Johnny Brekeen, said, “I’m not saying that a transgender would harm a child. What I’m saying is if men are allowed to go into the restroom, children are going to be harmed.” Daltol added that he thinks Target should do what is right and reverse its policy. He also said he “would love” for Target to lose market share, as it would teach the retailer a lesson.

The news crew found another customer, who noted that people have been molesting women and children in public restrooms for years. Indeed, Breitbart News recently posted a roundup of twenty sex crimes committed in Target stores across the nation.

Only days after it announced its new pro-transgender policy, Target was hit with a boycott petition, which quickly reached more than a million signers. Despite the boycott, however, the company insisted that it was standing behind its unpopular decision.

In the weeks after the announcement, Target Corp. lost five percent in stock prices, costing the chain about $2.5 billion in company value.

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