Report: Leading Candidates for Trump’s Secretary of State Down to Mitt Romney and Dana Rohrbacher

Dana Rohrbacher Mitt Romney

According to a report by National Review columnist John Fund, President-elect Donald Trump has narrowed down his choices for Secretary of State to former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and California Congressman Dana Rohrbacher.

Fund tweeted out his tip on December 7, also noting that former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, is being considered for Undersecretary of State.

Several hours later, the columnist tweeted out the recommendation that Trump pick Rohrbacher because the former Congressman “shares the president’s mind on foreign policy” far more than Mitt Romney might.

Fund’s second tweet reveals the thoughts of  US New and World Report contributing editor Peter Roff, who voiced his thoughts that Rohrbacher was the better choice over Romney.

Roff said that Rorhbacher as Secretary with Bolton as his second would likely better serve President Trump.

“Together with Bolton, who knows the department inside and out,” Roff wrote, “they’ll make a powerful one-two punch that will give the department the house-cleaning it so badly needs while standing up consistently for U.S. interests.”

Roff added that putting Romney, the more establishment candidate, in charge of the Department of State would only empower the “career types who actually run the department” and make reform that much harder.

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