Rick Springfield on Trial for Allegedly Knocking Out Fan with Buttocks

Syracuse, NY

1980s pop rock legend Rick Springfield, best known for his hit “Jessie’s Girl,” is currently on trial in New York State for allegedly knocking out a female fan with his buttocks.

Vicki Calcagno was reportedly watching him “with those eyes,” when the singer fell—and allegedly loved her with a little too much of “that body.”

The woman, now 45, claims Springfield knocked her unconscious in 2004 after he fell and struck her head with his backside as he performed inside a crowd at a concert.

Court proceedings for the incident reportedly became heated Wednesday afternoon when Kenneth Goldblatt, the plaintiff’s attorney, called Springfield to the witness stand.

Springfield reportedly accused Goldblatt of asking “very aggressive” questions, which caused him to raise his voice at the counselor.

The singer was then reduced to tears after his own attorney, John Pfeifer, questioned him about performing in the audience at shows to be closer to his fans. He was given a tissue and reportedly said, “I get emotional sometimes.”

Springfield, during nearly 90 minutes of testimony, informed the court it’s not uncommon for women at concerts to grab his butt—“if they’re feeling a little saucy.”