Alex Marlow in New York Magazine: Breitbart Trump Coverage ‘100 Percent Consistent’

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow discussed Breitbart’s coverage of the Trump administration in a Q & A with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

From New York Magazine:

Is Breitbart the voice of the Trump White House?

It’s hard for us to be the voice of the Trump White House when his biggest legislative push — really his only legislative push thus far — we opposed. Breitbart was seen as instrumental to the takedown of the Obamacare-light bill. We have a set of values that we think are underrepresented in the media landscape and we’re going to continue to fight for those values. I’ve been 100 percent consistent. We’re supportive of his policies that reflect the populist, nationalist, conservative agenda that put him in the White House and we’re very negative when he’s abandoned those principles.

How much is [Trump White House chief strategist Steve] Bannon involved in Breitbart now?

Steve has not had any control over Breitbart’s editorial since he left Breitbart.

So you are willing to run stories that might complicate things for Bannon in the White House?

As much as I respect Steve — and I think Steve is a patriot and understands the conservative, populist, nationalist movement globally better than any individual on the planet — he also now works for the president of the United States. If President Trump or Steve wants to come out and explain that “we actually pushed this health-care bill because this was the most important issue to the Speaker, and in return the Speaker is going to make sure that we get the border wall funded, make sure that we fix our trade deals, et cetera,” then maybe that would change some of the views of the Breitbart readership. That wasn’t how this was presented.

It sounds like you see your role as the voice of the Trump voter, whether that aligns with the White House itself or not.

You nailed it. I have two responsibilities: No. 1 is to report the truth, and No. 2 is to report the issues from the vantage point of a populist, nationalist conservative.

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