The Politics of Being 'Ashamed of America' (Video)

Watch, listen, then apply context. Rush plays off Michelle and his website crashes. Pure genius on his part… and sadly, how true is his statement? 

Rush is right that we should be ashamed of ourselves for letting the DC crowd and Obama drive the “fear” narrative. Planes won’t fall out of the sky, cops will show up if called and so will firefighters. Kids will be taught. 

BTW–Somebody tell Obama that teachers, firefighters, and police officers are paid by state and local budgets. Budgetary adjustments will account for less federal money, meaning new people need to be in charge at the state and local levels.  

Obama created an unpalatable deal in sequestration which Republicans voted for under the guise that nobody would want it to happen. It is a “hope” strategy and after four years we should get it that “hope” is not a strategy. 

And so, Rush Limbaugh had this to say…

Remember when Michelle Obama said this?