House Republicans Tell Campaigner in Chief: “The Road To Harry Reid’s Office Is 1.7 Miles”

The House Conference released this video, this morning, beckoning the president to get off the campaign trail, and get to work in DC on a Sequester deal.

The president is playing a dangerous game of chicken with Republicans. He’s saying “his way, or the highway” – the Dem’s unserious  plan of tax revenue with fewer cuts (half of which would be phased in between 2015 and 2021 ) or the sequester kicks in and the Regime makes sure the cuts are as painful as possible on the American people so they can blame it on Republicans, (with assistance from his lapdogs in the media.) Would he actually be that spiteful? Brit Hume told Bill O’Reilly last night, that there were reports that members of the Regime would do just that:

What’s distressing, Hume said, is the fact that the president, “whose idea this was, and who is certainly a party to all this, is going around now talking about how absolutely draconian this will all be, and he’s listing this parade of horribles that’s going to happen, and he’s clearly trying to make this look worse…. and there are reports that members of this administration are trying to make this as painful as possible.”

We were talking, yesterday about all the low-priority, non-essential jobs that could be cut instead of the first responder jobs,  border security, and TSA etc jobs the Regime is threatening to cut.

David Webb mentioned their claim, for example, that the sequester would cut $2 million of the National Drug Intelligence Center’s (NDIC) $20 million dollar funding, yet as Judicial Watch discovered, the Regime closed this critical intelligence agency, last June!

This is how blithe Obama is in shutting down important programs. It’s the worthless, wasteful ones he’s fighting to preserve.