How the anti-Israel left uses 'Zionist media conspiracy' theories

Philip Weiss, an anti-Israel blogger so wretchedly devoted to his obsession that Palestinian terrorists were re-tweeting him during Operation Pillar of Defense last year, has revealed his version of the story of how an anti-Israel op-ed made its way into the New York Times last year. 

The op-ed, by Sarah Schulman, accused Israel of “pinkwashing”–using its admirable record on gay rights to cover up its alleged abuses of the Palestinians.

Weiss describes a tough editorial process, dictated by the “Jewish politics of the Times,” in which Schulman’s thesis was resisted by editors constantly pushing back on her claims, forcing her to prove her contentions. 

But Weiss undoes his own tale by revealing that the Times op-ed page assistant had given his immediate approval to the idea of the piece: “He said, ‘Sure.'” Whatever difficulties that followed were secondary to the fact that the Times was instantly willing to welcome a slanderous op-ed against Israel that also minimized anti-gay laws and attitudes among Palestinians and in the Arab and Muslim world more generally.

Weiss goes on to entertain Schulman’s accusation that an AP story in the Times about Israel’s gay culture was “obviously some deal brokered between the Times and the Israeli government.” 

And so a Zionist conspiracy theory, together with backwards conclusions about the Times‘ “Jewish politics,” obfuscates the paper’s actual, well-documented, anti-Israel bias.