America, Meet Aunt Maret (Video)

In response to America, meet Uncle Ruslan:

Aunt Maret had a distinctly different take on her bombing suspect nephews than Uncle Ruslan did…

Via Twitchy:

A Toronto woman who has identified herself as the aunt of the Boston bombing suspects said she will wait to see all the evidence before she believes her nephews are guilty of the crime.

“I’m a lawyer back home. Give me evidence. I participated in court sessions, where I had to prove the guilt of others,” said Maret Tsarnaev from outside her Etobicoke apartment. “Do the same here, show me evidence, give me more than a photo. But to be convinced that my nephews committed to these atrocities, convince me. Then come back and get my reaction and ask me how I feel.”

She said she wouldn’t describe her nephews as “devout practicing Muslims”, but starting about two years ago Tamerlan started praying “about five times a day.” 

“I would rather he be praying than he will be smoking, doing drugs, or doing other unlawful stuff,” she maintained.