Benghazi Eye Witness: Requests for Help Refused

Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News reports that an eyewitness on the ground at Benghazi was refused repeated requests for help.

“We relied on Washington for dispassionate assessment,” one eyewitness told CBS News. “Instead, they [Washington officials] were asking us what help we needed. We answered: ‘Send reinforcements!’ “

But they were told immediate help wasn’t available.

Embassy personnel say they repeatedly asked the Defense Attache on site in Tripoli for military assistance.

“Isn’t there anything available?” one Embassy official says he asked. “But the answer was ‘no.'”

“What about Aviano?” the official pressed, referencing the NATO air base with US assets in northeastern Italy. “No,” was the answer.

The adminstration, backed up by the ARB, claims it did everything they could during the attacks, which appears to be not a damn thing. We have yet to hear any details about why no reinforcements were sent in to defend our people. Hours after the consulate was attacked, attention turned to the annex where two men subsequently lost their lives. Was there no way at all we could have sent forces to mitigate the deaths and injuries of our people? Did we try? Can anyone say with a straight face “We sent over help but they arrived too late?” I bet not. 


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