The Democrat slogan for 2014: 'We're not liars, we're idiots.'

In response to The State Controlled Religion Is Pro-Abortion:

It’s curious to see the IRS going all pro-abortion on us.  Where do they think the next generation of taxpayers is going to come from?  It’s yet another unsustainable business plan.

After the Friday hearings, I’d kind of like to keep Steven Miller on the public stage for a bit longer.  Please, good sir, tell us more about this “voluntary” tax system, in which we are all “customers” of the IRS, so the rampant abuse of power becomes “horrible customer service.”  The Republicans should hire this guy to tour the country right before the 2014 elections.  They would retake the Senate for sure.

Really, even without Miller as a campaign stage prop, if the Republicans can’t run against this unholy nightmare of government corruption and get full control of Congress, they’re hopeless.  A halfway decent national Republican campaign should have voters seeing every Democrat candidate as a walking IRS logo wearing a power tie, a belt buckle shaped like Obama’s dopey logo, and jackboots.  

The inferiority and inherent corruption of Big Government has never been more clearly demonstrated, complete with the awesomesauce topping of Nancy Pelosi croaking that all these scandals are just Republican efforts to distract from the great Obama job-creation crusade.  The Incompetence Defense has become the Democrat Party mantra – as John Sexton’s post about Benghazi put it, “We’re not liars, we’re idiots.”  If that isn’t a losing slogan in 2014, then the GOP and/or the American electorate is beyond hope.