Pelosi Booed, Heckled at Progressive Netroots Conference

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was booed and heckled for defending the NSA’s surveillance programs and disparaging leaker Edward Snowden at 2013 Netroots Nation conference. 

During a Q & A at the event, Pelosi said “People on the far right are saying oh, this is the fourth term of President Bush. Absolutely, positively not so.” 

A 57 year old activist from California shouted at her “It’s not a balance. It’s not constitutional!” he yelled. “No secret laws!” And others in the room joined in “Leave him alone!” or “That’s what a police state looks like right there!”

The booing continued when the topic turned to Edward Snowden.  “As far as Snowden: he did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents,” she said.  

“You suck!” someone screamed from the audience.