Some Local Crime Stories Are More Local than Others

In response to Incredible — the Democratic Party Threatened a Woman Into Supporting a Known Molester and the Media is Treating It Like a Horrific Abortion Clinic in Philadelphia:

Nice contrast there!  Back when a local reporter interested in actual journalism was shaming the mainstream media onto its heavily padded knees by circulating photos of the empty press gallery at the Gosnell trial, we got a load of windy B.S. from the media about how Kermit Gosnell was just a “local crime story” that merited no national attention.  

I guess Filthy Filner is also just a “local story,” even though he’s (a) the mayor of a major city, located in (b) a once-prosperous state getting ready to slide into the abyss right behind Detroit, for exactly the same reason: decades of corrupt one-party Democrat rule; and (c) a living, breathing caricature of everything the useless “feminist” movement spent the 1990s screaming at the top of its lungs about.  I mean, really, Filner is one of the best examples you could find of a powerful, lecherous man who intimidates young women into unwanted sexual encounters, and uses his power to get away with it.  He’s like an over-the-top character in a movie written by helpful Hollywood to push the feminist sexual harassment agenda, circa 1992… except, of course, for that almighty magic “D” after his name.  And the larger story of corruption and abuse of power surrounding his antics is highly relevant to the fate of California, and other blue basket case states.  

But no, according to the media, it’s just a colorful local story.  I see Liz posted this morning about the Party giving Filner a pass, after pretending to have a soul-searing debate about whether they could possibly find it in their hearts to give him the benefit of the doubt until all the evidence is in.  Whaddya know… it turns out they could find such temperance and forgiveness in their hearts.  Of course, it’s painfully clear that the only “evidence” that would persuade them to call for his resignation at this point would be Filner tumbling out of a closet during the Party meeting, with his hands firmly affixed to the heaving bosom of a weeping 20-year-old intern.  Remember the Anita Hill days of yore, when the “seriousness of the charges” was all that mattered in sexual harassment cases?

And in a little footnote to illustrate the media’s intellectual poverty in deciding which “local crime stories” to cover, their obsessive focus on an unfortunate shooting in an obscure Florida town isn’t going to have any social benefit whatsoever.  It’s already caused robberies and beatings, and it may very well get innocent people killed, either by rioters or by murderous crooks, if the gun-control nuts manage to get “Stand Your Ground” laws repealed.  The only greater lesson to be learned from this particular “local crime story” is the one our media celebrities absolutely refuse to discuss: Don’t attack people and beat their heads into the ground just because they looked at you funny.  

But the Kermit Gosnell trial?  That’s changing the course of national history, even despite the parlous media coverage.  The ground of the abortion debate has shifted; the abortion nuts are losing, and losing badly.  They’re scared out of their wits over it.  “Blind panic” is a fair description of their alert status.  But no, that was just a tiny little nothingburger of a back-page Philly metro story, undeserving of national coverage or deep analysis.