The Point Of Obama's Race Speech, Today

In response to Obama’s Speeches Have Three Major Parts:

Rather than try to quell raw emotions, Obama inserted himself once again into the never-ending  phenomenon of black victimology. Why? 

We all know the Regime’s  modus operandi is to never let a crisis go to waste, but what is to be gained by manipulating peoples’ emotions like this? 

As usual, it is to stir the pot in order to divide Americans, and distract from his many scandals. 

The Regime wants to have a “frank discussion” about race without mentioning the epidemic of black on black crime, the 18% increase in violent black on white crime since last year, or  the NBPP running amuck out there.

Instead they’re soliciting for anonymous tips on their snitch hotline from liberal activists in order to to railroad Zimmerman on bogus civil rights charges. 

Has anything like that ever happened in this country, before?

It’s insane, but it makes his base happy, and distracts the rest of us from what’s really important – like the drip drip drip of Obama’s many scandals…

So you know what I’m going to continue having  “frank discussions” about?

–  the IRS scandal
– Benghazi
– Fast and Furious
–  NSA spying
–  DOJ spying on journalists
– The Regime’s war on whistleblowers
– The Regime’s War on Christianity

By the way, the IRS scandal is getting closer and closer to the president…

…two career IRS employees – the recently retired Carter Hull and tax agent Elizabeth Hofacre – said they acted at the behest of higher-ups, and not just those in the hinterlands. Hull’s testimony was especially important because he is a 48-year veteran of the IRS and prior to his retirement was one of its most trusted experts on tax exemption issues. Hull said he was told to forward the targeted applications to, among others, one of only two political appointees in the IRS, Chief Counsel William Wilkins. The chief counsel’s office apparently was the black hole into which hundreds of the targeted applications disappeared for months at a time, according to Hull.

The president’s defenders can dismiss the Wilkins involvement until they are blue in the face, but it won’t change the fact that political appointees serve at the pleasure of one person and one only, the president. They are frequently among his most devoted disciples, having worked long hours to get their man elected, and their loyalty is solely to him and his political agenda. Many cabinet-level departments have hundreds of political appointees; the IRS is unique in having only two. They must be loyal indeed. The drips won’t stop anytime soon.