What would it take for Filthy Filner's supporters to Throw Him Under The Bus?

In response to Some Local Crime Stories Are More Local than Others:

What would it take for Filthy Filner’s  liberal supporters to turn on him? Feminists with their big, understanding hearts are willing to tolerate a powerful man lecherously groping at his underlings, but what if – say –  he was seen eating at a Chick Fil-A? Or worse – it came out that he actually supported traditional marriage?

Or (heaven forbid!) let slip that he thinks the global warming hysteria is bunk….

Or worst of all, broke the holy sacrament of the Church of Liberalism by declaring a pro-life view?

That guy would find himself under the bus so fast, he wouldn’t know what hit him. 

Of course he has all the “correct” views – that’s why his despicable behavior is tolerated.