Mob harassment spreads to elderly preacher named George Zimmerman

Not only are George Zimmerman and his family in hiding because of death threats from the “Justice 4 Trayvon” mob, but now they’re going after a 78-year-old preacher from Deland, Florida, who just happens to be named George Zimmerman. 

The UK Daily Mail says the preacher has been “plagued by abusive phone calls,” including such lovely sentiments as “you’re a dead man” and “you better get ready to dig a six-foot hole.”  Most of the calls include profanity.

Preacher Zimmerman has notified the local authorities, but he’s very forgiving: “The type of people that would do this,
they’re just venting their emotions, and being what I am, and who I am,
OK, you vented, you’ve done it. I listened to you.”  He mildly complained that the calls have become frequent enough to qualify as a “nuisance,” so he changed his phone number.

You know who else is getting death threats?  The family George Zimmerman (the “white Hispanic” one) rescued from a burning truck a few days ago.  They were supposed to hold a press conference today… but they nervously canceled it, hoping to retreat back into obscurity.  There have been efforts to claim that Zimmerman’s rescue of the family was a phony staged event.

This is all so disappointing.  I expected so much more out of Al Sharpton’s fan club.  And why is coverage of these events so hard to find?  I was told the media is constantly on guard against threats of violence from racist imbeciles.