San Diego Democrats to Meet *Again* about 'Filthy Filner' Problem

Now that the running tally on women who have publicly alleged harassment against Mayor ‘Filthy Filner’ has risen to THREE, the San Diego Democrats will meet today to “work out its stance on the political future” of the Mayor. Again.

The SD Dems already met last week,  but “failed to reach a consensus” about how to handle the situation.  At that time, Chairwoman Francine Busby (seriously, click on that link)  said “If the mayor has done this and it is proven to be true, we will ask for his immediate resignation.”  

Filthy Filner has thus far refused to resign from office despite the creation of a hotline dedicated to his victims by the County Sheriff and the City Attorney ordering him not to meet alone with women.  Yesterday NBC San Diego reported that the media need to be escorted while they interview the Mayor. 

What the hell is wrong with these Democrats? All they do is bleat and jaw on about fighting for women and shriek about some unholy imaginary war on women by the GOP and yet they are wringing their hands about what to do with a Mayor who has some serious and credible sexual harassment allegations made against him. Yes, it’s all so ambiguous

The city is being sued for Filner’s behavior and might very well have to pick up the legal bills of the Mayor, but it is no surprise that the Dems care nothing for the taxpayer. But…what about the women, the central plank of the entire party’s existence? Even Rep. Nancy Pelosi  snapped she didn’t want to be identified as Filner’s “former colleague” but then  stated I’m not here to make any judgments” about the Mayor.

Hypocrites. Let’s see if the SD Dems can do the right thing at their meeting today.