Time to apologize to George Bush again, Obama supporters

Say, does everyone remember how liberals went absolutely nuts because President George Bush didn’t think it was important to kill Osama bin Laden?  This was portrayed by sneering liberals as excuse-making by Chimpy McHitlerburton for his inability to take down the 9/11 mastermind.  They brought it up again after bin Laden was killed by Barack Obama, with a minor assist from SEAL Team Six.  Much time was spent dwelling on how Bush took his eye off the bin Laden ball, while Obama ended terrorism and put al-Qaeda on the run by bagging the old monster.

Here’s what Bush actually said, back in 2002:  “Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not. We haven’t heard from him in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized. … I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.”

Well, George Bush was right and you were wrong, Obama groupies.  Killing bin Laden was great – I’d be all in favor of reanimating his body with zombie virus every September 11 so we could kill him all over again.  But Barack Obama was absolutely foolish to pretend he had destroyed al-Qaeda with the Abbotabad raid.  He was so invested in this narrative that he lied outrageously to the American people – and to the families of the Benghazi dead – to avoid acknowledging that al-Qaeda was doing quite well indeed, especially in the wilder quarters of Libya.

But now we’re a little over a month away from the anniversary of 9/11, and we’ve got American ambassadors in hiding across the Muslim world because al-Qaeda “chatter” has the State Department scared to death.  This is the true legacy of Hillary Clinton, who should be forced to call every last member of our sheltered-in-place diplomatic corps and repeat her asinine “What difference does it make?” line.


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