ObamaCare waivers for all

Since the early days of ObamaCare, when precious waivers were dispensed by the royal court to politically connected special interests (quite a few of which just happened to be located in then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rich district), we’ve been wondering why the rest of America can’t get a waiver and escape from this horrible law.

Now that we’re not even pretending to respect the rule of law in America, and Obama has granted illegal exemptions to Congress, I wondered if maybe some enterprising GOP representative should declare all of America members of his staff, and therefore eligible for the special ruling class exemption.

Iowahawk suggested on Twitter that “instead of defunding ObamaCare, just give waivers to everybody.”  A lot of people forwarded this idea to Senator Ted Cruz, a leader of the defunding effort.  Why not?  Is Barack Obama the only member of government allowed to rewrite laws on the fly?  If that was true, it would make America a dictatorship, and nobody wants that.  Nothing in the Constitution grants Obama the power to hand out special exemptions from duly enacted laws, so nothing says Senators can’t issue ObamaCare waivers too. 

Maybe the House of Representatives should formally assemble a set of waiver bills – not just one bill, but one for every business in America.  Pass them, and make the Senate or Obama shoot them down, one by one… reviewing each case and explaining why each private company must obey the law that our fantastically expensive Congress, with its bloated staff of six-figure employees, cannot afford to obey.  Make them tell each and every American why you aren’t good enough for the privileges enjoyed by our congressional aristocracy.


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