A lot of Democrat talking points got shot down in Colorado, too

In response to Two Anti-Gun Democrat’s Political Futures ‘Shot Down’ in Colorado:

I see Debbie Downer has taken to describing the Colorado recall as “vote suppression,” based on roughly the same amount of evidence that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had for calling Mitt Romney a tax evader – i.e. a giant rabbit appeared out of thin air and told Wasserman Schultz that voters were being suppressed.  The rabbit was talking backward, so it took her a little while to decipher his message.  He also said something about a tangent universe collapsing, but that all went right over her head.

The usual Democrat complaint about evil Koch-sucking special interests buying elections falls apart when you look at the 6-to-1 spending advantage of Bloomberg and his gun grabbers.  And these elections were in very solid Democrat districts.  They succeeded because Democrats concerned about their Second Amendment rights stepped up.  Cooler heads than Wasserman Schultz will study the results and conclude that gun control is not a winning issue for 2014 and 2016.