Harry Reid: 'Vulnerable Democrats' Want to Campaign with Obama (Video)

Democrat senators who are vulnerable in 2014 are looking forward to campaigning with the president according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who suggested as much to CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview that will be aired, tonight.

“Anytime the President of the United States appears supporting a candidate, it helps,” Reid declared.

Reid also claimed that Obama, who currently has an approval rating hovering around 40%, is “personally a very popular guy, and people love this man, they love his family.”

His very low approval ratings on issues like the economy and healthcare, he blames on Republicans, who have been “trying to denigrate him with what’s happened with the rollout of Obamacare.” 

“So you would encourage some of your most vulnerable Senate Democratic candidates to invite President Obama to appear with them?” Bash pressed.

Reid answered, “yes and they will.”


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