Texas Democrat Received Angry Phone Call From The White House For Criticizing Obama

Democrat Rep Henry Cuellar, who lives near the border in Texas, has been all over the media in recent days, calling on the president to visit the border and see first hand what’s going on, there. 

Cuellar argues that Obama’s trip to Texas could become Obama’s “Katrina moment”  and points out that he could be at the border in a little over half an hour following his scheduled events. 

Toward the end of an interview on Fox and Friends, this morning, the congressman was asked if he has gotten an angry call from the White House. Cuellar was loath to provide details, but answered in the affirmative.

Brian Kilmeade said, “a lot of times, this administration gets angry when their own party speaks up and speaks out. Ask Cory Booker about that. Have you gotten that call?” 

Cuellar answered, “Yes, I have,” while noting that he’s not as concerned about “who gets mad at him at the White House” as he is about constituents who want us to find a practical solution to problems on the border.

When Kilmeade asked him to reveal the identity of the irate White House caller, Cuellar demurred.

“Did he tell you to pipe down?” Kilmeade pressed. 

Cuellar laughed, “We’ll just leave it like that – but notice what I’m doing – I’m still talking about it…”