Transnational Auto-Theft Ring Busted in South Texas Border Town

Transnational Auto-Theft Ring Busted in South Texas Border Town

TEXAS/MEXICO BORDER– Police officers from the Mission Police Department have arrested four men in what is believed to be a transnational auto-theft ring.  The men were captured during an alleged attempt to steal a Ford F-250 truck.

According to Nadia Galindo in her local news article, Mission police believe the four men; Bryan Nunez, Juan David Garcia, Pablo Navarro Alonzo and Fabian Gonzalez, are connected to a series of thefts of Ford F-250 trucks that are believed to be then smuggled into Mexico.

During a routine patrol, police noted suspicious activity and, upon investigation, discovered screw drivers and other equipment related to breaking into vehicles.  The police also learned a juvenile was used in the alleged conspiracy to drive the trucks into Mexico.

Nunez, Garcia and Alonzo were each charges on counts of organized crime and theft.  Gonzalez was only charged on the organized crime charge.  All four men had bond set at $10,000 each.

The juvenile allegedly involved is expected to appear in court at a later time.

It is believed the trucks are being transported to Mexico and are then sold for $2,000 each. 

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