CNN Legal Analysts: Omaha Police Officers Association 'Racist' for Posting Toddler in 'Thug' Video

CNN Legal Analysts: Omaha Police Officers Association 'Racist' for Posting Toddler in 'Thug' Video

On Tuesday, the Omaha Police Officers Association posted a video on its website of a toddler hurling profanities and racial slurs after being encouraged by a number of adults. According to the Associated Press, the toddler has since been put into protective custody.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “AC360 Later,” CNN Legal Analysts Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin attacked the Omaha Police Officers Association for posting that video and asked what purpose posting the video served and accusing the organization of racism.

GERAGOS: This may be one of the few times Sunny and I agree on anything. The racial overtones on this are so unbelievable. For the police to put that up there, the “thug,” the “what hood you from,” “blood” — I mean all of this is code word and code. It is outrageous and having defended several African-Americans in Nebraska, probably cause in Nebraska is being black while driving

HOSTIN: Are there several African-Americans in Nebraska? That’s issue I have. I mean, the police union decides to post this saying that they’re dealing with this issue of African-American thugs in Nebraska. Last time I checked, they were like 4 percent of the population.

COOPER: 13.7 percent

HOSTIN: Four percent in Nebraska

COOPER: In Omaha.

HOSTIN: Well, I mean I can’t imagine that the 13 percent are committing so much crime that they’re facing this debacle. So I think it’s really racist that they would do something like that. The racial overtones are incredible. I think our law enforcement officers are supposed to be investigating, right? So you see something like that and the objective should be to get the child help, to take the child out of that home because what we saw is child abuse. I prosecuted many child abuse cases. I know child abuse when I see it. But that’s not what they did.