Fox News: Why Aren't Any Liberal News Organizations Audited?

Fox News: Why Aren't Any Liberal News Organizations Audited?

Fox News anchor Eric Shawn criticized the IRS for its target of Breitbart News on Wednesday’s “America’s Newsroom.”  He wondered “is the IRS auditing the Daily Kos, or The New York Times, or The Washington Post? Why are they going after Breitbart?”

Mark Meckler, the Founder of Citizens for Self-Governance, responded, “I can’t speak to Breitbart specifically, but I find it fascinating, that as you said, there is no major liberal organizations targeted, we can’t find a single one in the news … this is no longer an agency that represents the American people, this is an agency aligned with the administration against its political enemies, it has got to stop and somebody has to pay the price, somebody needs to go to jail.”

Former Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich added, “I don’t think that anyone, necessarily, in the country trusts the IRS, that’s just sort of a given, and in this situation in particular, I think it’s important to make sure we’re looking at what their policies are, overarching as a way to protect American citizens, not American citizens because they’re conservative, or they’re liberal, or they’re going in a certain direction. The idea is that this should be nonpartisan agency, that’s staffed by civil servants, who are there to implement the law.” And “there’s a long history that goes back, for probably the history of the agency of situations, where power has been used and abused, and hopefully through the investigation, given that we are spending millions of dollars on it, we’ll get to the bottom of it.”

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