Coulter on 2016 GOP Field: ‘I Hate Them All Except for Scott Walker’

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican” Ann Coulter declared that she hates all of the 2016 GOP field except for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) on Tuesday’s “Good Day LA” on Fox affiliate KTTV.

“I hate them all except Scott Walker and my only issue with Walker is — and it isn’t a big issue, but I just think people are going to see him onstage, see questions about…trade with China, what are you going to do with Russia and think ‘damn, I wish that were Romney up there'” she stated.

Coulter then defended her prior support of Romney, and criticized the “mob mentality” of Romney’s detractors on the right, which she said was not due to the Tea Party itself, but “con men” who took advantage of the movement.

She added “it’s interesting how people on the left pretend IQ doesn’t exist, people on the right say ‘yeah, no, there’s [such a thing] as IQ,’ but it’s always Democrats running to Harvard and Yale people, we’re always running to community college guys.”

Coulter concluded that she still likes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), but he’s “bad on amnesty.”

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