Dem Sen Wyden: Senate’s Russia Investigation Should Follow the Trail of ‘Dead Bodies’

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election and any ties the Russians have to President Donald Trump’s campaign should follow the money and “the trail of the dead bodies.”

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: We all remember Howard Baker taking a gutsy stance against President Nixon. It’s really quiet on the Republican side of the aisle today. I haven’t heard anything despite these rather startling claims from President Trump himself, in his own words, and also from the source close to Comey describing that dinner that they had. You talked to Republicans. You work well with Republicans. Are any of them at least privately expressing concern about this?

WYDEN: Yes, and suffice it to say John McCain and Lindsey Graham, in particular, have consistently spoken out about how serious this is. I’ve made it clear to them and to others, I’m going to stay at this until we get all the facts out. That’s why I’ve focused on following the money, why we ought to be looking at money laundering and at shell corporations and property transfers. Clint Watts the FBI staffer came and I asked him about following the money and he said, ‘senator, you’re right.’ And he also said ‘you need to follow the trail of the dead bodies.’

TAPPER: The Russians. All the dead Russians. Thank you so much, Senator Wyden.

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