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CNN’s Tapper: Trump Has ‘Lost His Mojo’ with Insulting Nicknames


Tuesday on “The Ellen Show,” CNN’s host Jake Tapper said President Donald Trump had “lost his mojo” with giving insulting nicknames.

Tapper said, “I’ll be honest. President Trump has a lot of skills, and I used to think his branding skill was amazing—Little Marco, or Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. He’s kind of lost his mojo on the nickname front. He tried to do it with Comey. He’s been trying out all these different nicknames. He had Lyin’ Comey, that didn’t seem to work, Liar and a Leaker Comey, Slippery Comey, Slimeball first, Slime Ball, two different words, then Slimeball one word. He’s clearly trying new material, as one does, and it hasn’t really caught on.”

He added, “I think he called me a ‘flunky’ once. It was disappointing. Come on show up.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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