GOP Rep. Meadows on Impeachment Process: ‘I Don’t See Anything That’s Fair’

Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) sounded off on the upcoming impeachment hearings that will include three Democrat witnesses and one Republican witness discussing if President Donald Trump’s alleged handling of a phone call with Ukraine warrants adopting articles of impeachment.

Meadows said he does not “see anything that’s fair” in this impeachment process.

“What we do know is they’re going to try to lay out the case for impeachment,” Meadows outlined. “Really not talking about factual evidence — it’s going to be more like a law class. They’ll come in and say the president’s actions warrant impeachment. … They’re talking about a fair process, I don’t see anything that’s fair.”

The North Carolina representative then shifted to the lack of focus by Congress on signing bills into law.

“One of the things that we do know: the Democrats have now issued more subpoenas than they’ve had bills signed into law. That fact won’t change,” stated Meadows. “When you start to look at what’s happening, you’re seeing that they’re not really focused about the things the American people care about.”

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