GOP Rep. Gooden: Dems Concerned with Polling Showing Lack of Support for Impeachment

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) on Friday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News Channel shared that there is a growing concern among congressional Democrats over polling showing a decrease in support for impeachment.

Gooden said Democrats are “changing their tune” while Republican messaging has remained steady.

“At first it was a quid pro quo, then it was bribery, then it’s extortion,” Gooden explained. “And what’s interesting to me also walking through the halls of Congress is Republicans are saying the same thing publicly that we are saying privately. Our messaging is not changing. Democrats, on the other hand, publicly they are saying this is about the Constitution, this is about doing what’s right. Privately, they’re saying what’s the polling show? How are we going to convince the American people? You shouldn’t be having to convince the American people that impeaching the president is the right thing to do. They should follow the facts, and Democrats are realizing that the polling numbers are not supporting them. They’re also battling Thanksgiving and Christmas. People just aren’t in the mood for this this time of the year.”

“The pressure is on the Democrats,” he later added. “The Democrats have to make this case to the American people. The president is innocent until proven guilty. They have not come up with that smoking gun that they’ve been looking for — that’s why they’re so worried about the polls.”

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