GOP Sen. Braun: Trump Will ‘Hopefully’ Learn from Impeachment

Senator Mike Braun (R-ID) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” he was hopeful impeachment will make President Donald Trump be more careful even if he is acquitted.

Partial transcript as follows:

BRAUN: So that topic from reporters kept coming up about censure. And all I can say on this issue, this ought to be instructive to anyone here that if you’re pushing the envelope or doing things that may not feel right, let alone be right, you better be careful. Because we’re in that kind of atmosphere now —

TODD: Donald Trump doesn’t — this president, as you know, he’s going to take acquittal and think, “I can keep doing this.”

BRAUN: No, I don’t think that. Hopefully it’ll be instructive to where —

TODD: When you say “hopefully,” I mean, what’s the evidence in his lifetime that he takes any sort of whatever it is, a misdemeanor ticket or whatever, and then he accepts that and goes, “Yeah, I’ll change my behavior”?

BRAUN: I think he’ll put two and two together. In this case, he was taken to the carpet. And it’s because —

TODD: You think he has regret with what he did?

BRAUN: I think he’ll be instructed by what has occurred here. And certainly any individual would want to avoid whatever might need to be modified to go through this again. Because the threat has already been out there that we may find something else to impeach on, which I think is a mistake because I think we need to get back to what most Americans are interested in, the agenda.

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