DeSantis: ‘I’d Take 65° with a Whiff of Freedom Over 35° Under the Yoke of Lockdown Any Day of the Week’

On Friday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) touted his state’s lack of a lockdown amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic despite some pushback from the “corporate media.”

Appearing on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” DeSantis noted the cold weather across the country, saying he would “take 65 [degrees] with a whiff of freedom over 35 under the yoke of lockdown any day of the week.” He added that because Florida reopened its economy, the state, which relies on tourism, is going to have a budget surplus.

“I saw that weather forecast. We’re in the mid-60s. Most of the other states are in the 30s and 40s, so I’d take 65 with a whiff of freedom over 35 under the yoke of lockdown any day of the week and twice on Sunday,” DeSantis said of other states’ restrictive measures. “Yeah, look, we led, we went against the grain, we had a lot of opposition, particularly from the corporate media, but our kids are in school, parents are happy with that, our economy is growing, people are working. And they were predicting economic doom, particularly for Floriday because we’re tourism-based, and our tourism isn’t backed by any stretch, and yet we’re getting huge revenue into the state with no tax increases, we’re going to have a budget surplus, and we’re clicking on all cylinders. We’re doing more on the vaccines for senior citizens, but I would rather be in Florida than just about any other state right now.”

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