Report: NYC Man Arrested Five Times During Alleged Crime Spree That Included Rape in Baltimore

Subhan Zaib, 26
Baltimore County Police Department

A man from Queens is accused of going on a crime spree that ended with him allegedly raping a woman in Baltimore, according to court documents.

The New York Daily News reported Friday:

Subhan Zaib, 26, was arrested and released for five separate incidents in the city between May 30 and June 7. His three-borough rampage culminated with with him slashing a 19-year-old woman early on June 10 as she descended stairs in the Delancey Street/Essex Street station in the Lower East Side, according to police.

The mayhem wasn’t over, however. Zaib was finally taken into custody in Baltimore on charges of raping a woman he saw outside a Walgreens on June 14, according to court papers. He’s now being held without bail for first-degree rape.

The man’s alleged spree grew increasingly violent over a period of 12 days, the documents said. After several different incidents, he was reportedly freed without bail, according to the News report.

In one instance on June 4, Zaib made it to Brooklyn where he was accused of assaulting a woman and threatening her with a knife, but prosecutors did not ask for bail because of problems regarding the victim in the case, according to a police source.

“The victim gave prosecutors a phony phone number and she can’t be found, the source told the Daily News,” the outlet said.

Overall index crime in New York City rose 36.5 percent in March amid the state’s “soft on crime” bail laws, according to Breitbart News.

In February, approximately 75 percent of voters said they believed defunding police was a “major” or “minor” reason behind increasing violent crime across the nation, a Morning Consult/Politico poll found.

According to Breitbart News:

The survey results come as Democrats largely back away from the “Defund the Police” movement — polling and overall public sentiment have revealed that slashing police budgets in the name of “equity” and subsequent rising crime, usually in poorer and already vulnerable neighborhoods, is wildly unpopular with voters as the midterms approach.

Meanwhile, nearly all New York residents, 92 percent, believe crime was a “serious problem” in their state, according to a recent Siena College poll.

“Moreover, six out of ten New Yorkers say they are worried they could be the victim of a crime, and 26 percent are very concerned,” Breitbart News reported Thursday.


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