World Prefers 'Captain America' to 'First Avenger'


Many on the left would have you believe that the world hates America, but I humbly disagree. An alternative school of thought–one to which I subscribe–is that the world’s left hates America. That’s a lot of people, to be sure, but they don’t speak for everyone. Also, saying the world “hates” us is probably a bit too strong; more accurate would likely be that the world is “super jealous” of America. They’re not jealous of everything, of course, but it gets under the “world community’s” collective skin that we have have enough wealth and freedom to build and play with all the toys we want and enough power to clean up human garbage around the globe whenever we damn well please. Needless to say, a country spending billions upon billions on technology to create the most bad-ass military on the planet will not sit well with your typical pacifist lefty “citizen of the world.” But your typical pacifist lefty “citizen of the world” does not your average superhero movie fan make.

The Hollywood Reporter informs that Marvel Studios and Paramount have elected to keep “Captain America” in the title of their upcoming blockbuster in all but three countries (see below). The Reporter notes that the decisions to keep the U.S. title were likely made based on the fact that Captain America is a universally recognized brand. That’s true, but so is the United States of America. America is the world’s sole military super power and Captain America is known for being a patriotic symbol. No matter what you think of this nation of ours, if there are some bad guys who need their teeth kicked in, the world knows where to turn. In other words, if it’s called “Captain America,” you know we mean business.

Here’s to hoping Hollywood did the American hero–and now the world–justice.

Captain America hits theaters July 22nd.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Marvel Studios and Paramount’s Captain America: The First Avenger will keep its US title in all but three countries: Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

Though it is common for American blockbusters to feature less US-focused titles in foreign markets, Paramount largely decided against the alterations for Captain America, and instead gave foreign countries the choice of two titles, Captain America: The First Avenger or The First Avenger.

Interestingly, most international distributors believed the franchise name was so identifiable that not using “Captain America” in the title could risk losing ticket sales.

Spokespeople for Marvel and Paramount declined to comment on why Russia, Ukraine and South Korea opted for The First Avenger.

Full article here.


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