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Entertainment Weekly Speech Police Freak Out Over 'Homophobic' Sitcom Joke


The very same leftists who will describe to you the horrors of the self-imposed morality code Hollywood lived by for decades are now creating their very own morality codes. Heaven forbid gay people receive the same satiric treatment as white, Christian, conservative males or any other group. Heaven forbid we forget that gay men and women are inoculated from satire in this country.

There is absolutely no difference from what you’re about to read below and those who defended the Motion Picture Production Code. These people are prigs, censors, and humorless moralists of the highest order:

To me, the series premiere of ABC’s new, Tim Allen-led sitcom Last Man Standing seemed simply annoying, what with its low-brow and overly testosterone-fueled humor. Macho jokes about what it means to be a man? Simply not my cup of tea, I thought. I was going to turn it off a few minutes in, but I kept watching half-heartedly until the show’s lead character Mike — played by Allen — uttered a “joke” somewhere near the end of the first half hour. And that’s when I lost it.

Let me set up the “joke” for you: During a conversation about his grandson’s daycare, Mike Baxter (Allen) laments that his daughter’s choice of schools is “hippie-hippie rainbow.” Fine, sure, it’s a stupid comment, but it gets worse. Mike’s daughter Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) explains to her dad that the teacher at this school “teaches sensitivity and tolerance.” Then comes Allen’s seemingly homophobic bomb: “I just don’t think your kid should go to that school,” his character Mike says, filled with disdain. “You know how that ends up: Boyd dancing on a float.”

I’ll reiterate the offensive part: “You know how that ends up: Boyd dancing on a float,” said with total disgust, as if a boy dancing on a parade float is an unacceptable, bad thing. My response: Huh? How is a boy dancing on a parade float anything but a joyful thing?

And that’s just the beginning; this joyless crybaby goes on for SEVEN more paragraphs.

How is that joke any different than the sitcom shots taken every quarter-hour at conservatives, Christians, tea partiers, and anyone who refuses to worship the State?

And where was EW’s priggish outrage the other night when a sitcom called “2 Broke Girls’ made this “gay” joke about Rep. Bachmann’s husband: “He is more stiff than Michele Bachman’s husband at a Chippendale’s”?

I guess some “gay” jokes are more equal than others.

Yes, Big Hollywood criticizes jokes made about our side. But unlike EW, we’re not trying to STOP anyone from telling them. We’re just tired of the PC-fascism that demands a particular group be singled out. We want everyone mocked, ridiculed and satirized. We want to return to the days of “Blazing Saddles,” George Carlin and Sam Kinison. But look at how difficult this is going to be when you have one of the top entertainment rags in the country attacking and obviously attempting to chill speech and start a crusade against a sitcom over an obvious joke.

The Motion Picture Production Code never died; it just went humorless and became far more selective in its choice of sacred cows.


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