Cohen's 'Dictator' Affirms Bush's Democracy Doctrine

Cohen's 'Dictator' Affirms Bush's Democracy Doctrine

Writer Rebecca Cusey acknowledges “The Dictator,” the new comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen of “Borat” fame, has its fair share of liberal talking points. But the film’s main thesis – that a Middle Eastern country could be positively transformed by embracing democracy – is right out of President George W. Bush’s maligned playbook:

Yet, it ends with a triumphant and passionate statement of love to democracy, a message that, yes indeed, self-determination and civil rights are better than other ways of ruling and being ruled.

Where do we hear that in PC America anymore?

For all its left-leaning and R-rated content, the final product echoes George W Bush: Freedom is the right of every human being.

For that kind of courage, Sacha Baron Cohen should be commended.

Perhaps the rest of Hollywood can find some courage in his bravery as well. After all, it’s very sad when people have rights – including freedom of speech – but are too timid to use them.

“The Dictator” opens nationwide May 16.