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BET CEO Says GOP 'Panders' to Women, Blacks

BET CEO Says GOP 'Panders' to Women, Blacks

BET CEO Debra Lee watched last week’s Republican National Convention, an event filled with a diverse lineup showcasing the GOP’s deep bench.

Condi Rice. Marco Rubio. Mia Love.

It’s hard not to be inspired by their life stories, their love of America and the example they gave to others.

To Lee, it was simply a case of the Grand Old Party pandering to women and blacks.

“I thought some of what went on at the RNC was very disingenuous,” she added. “Ann Romney has to [give a] shout-out to women? We’re over 50 percent of the population. We need a shout-out? It was the craziest-looking thing.”

Lee said it was “nice” that Rice sat next to Mitt Romney at the GOP convention, “but does the RNC really embrace African-Americans, really embrace women?”


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