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'Saturday Night Live' Goes Deeper in the Tank for Obama on Season Opener

'Saturday Night Live' Goes Deeper in the Tank for Obama on Season Opener

New Obama, same liberal bias.

“Saturday Night Live” introduced a different cast member portraying President Barack Obama during the show’s first new episode of the season last night. Jay Pharoah was certainly an improvement over Fred Armisen, a talented comedian who never fully embraced the part. Pharoah added a few new tics to the impression while sounding more like the president.

That “SNL” liberal bias didn’t miss a beat, though.

The show’s first sketch – the show’s signature moment where a cast member cries, “Live from New York … it’s Saturday Night!” – featured Pharoah as Obama admitting the lousy state of the economy and the globe in general.

But, Pharoah’s Obama said, it could be worse.

The camera then takes us to campaign stops featuring Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) who run through the standard Democratic talking points. Romney can’t relate the common man, and Ryan is a liar as evidenced by him bungling his marathon running time.

It’s as if David Axelrod were now the show’s head scribe.

Team Obama can’t defend the past four years. Who could? So its mission is to cast the Romney/Ryan ticket as a risky choice to lead the nation. And that’s precisely the message “SNL’s” first sketch of the new season delivers. It appears the show will do all it can this fall to ensure another four years of a failed presidency. 


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