Melissa Joan Hart Follows Kristen Bell's Fundraising Trail for New Rom-Com

Melissa Joan Hart Follows Kristen Bell's Fundraising Trail for New Rom-Com

Kristen Bell flexed her television star power when her Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie catapulted the project from fan dream to greenlit reality.

Fellow TV alum, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s Melissa Joan Hart, is hoping to catch lightning in a crowdsourcing bottle with her upcoming project.

The openly conservative actress has her own Kickstarter page to fund and produce the romantic comedy Darci’s Walk of Shame.

Hart, who will star in the film, is seeking $2 million or more for the film to be directed by Tibor Takacs, who helmed the first Sabrina, the Teenage Witch feature.

The story follows a woman who travels overseas to her sister’s wedding and takes an impulsive risk, which leaves her to make a mad dash over a number of comedic hurdles to get back to the wedding to avoid her family witnessing her debut “walk of shame.”

“It’s a great formula to let fans be a part of the film making process,” says Hart, “and it’s great for someone like me who has an intense creative drive and an awesome fan base to merge the two and be able to do something without asking anyone’s permission.”

The film’s producers include Paula Hart (Melissa and Joey) and Frank DeMartini (Mad Money, the founder of Hollywood Republican. If the funding is successful, the film will be distributed by Millennium Pictures.

Hart isn’t the only recognizable talent using Kickstarter-like services to buoy their future projects. Podcast king Adam Carolla recently announced he’ll be following a similar path to produce both a documentary on Paul Newman’s racing career as well as a separate feature film.