Country Singer John Rich: 'Our Government Is not to Be Trusted'

Country Singer John Rich: 'Our Government Is not to Be Trusted'

Country singer John Rich simply doesn’t trust the government no matter the party label. He suspects he isn’t alone in that assessment of the 2013 political scene, according to an interview he gave to CYInterview.

Well, I think our government is not to be trusted and I think that goes for Democrats and Republicans. Personally, I can’t stand a lot of them. There’s a few good ones here and there, but as a whole, just one guy talking, I don’t trust them and I think I probably speak for the majority of folks, we don’t trust them and you see what’s coming down out there and you work really hard … I think that folks in this country don’t trust the government anymore, both parties and I’m kinda tired of it.

Rich, part of the popular Big & Rich musical duo, also discussed the current trend of waiting for government handouts rather than pulling oneself up by the proverbial boot straps.

I’ll tell you one thing about America, they never promised us anywhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, they never promised us happiness. They only promised us the pursuit of happiness and in my opinion, we go pursue it. We have no right to happiness in this country and I think that is the problem. People think, ‘Well hell, I’m going without something. I should have that. They should give me that.’ No they should not. No they should not. Work, move, think, move yourself up the ladder; you’re listening to a guy who lived in a trailer park in Amarillo, Texas and at 39 years old has 46 employees and moving upward from there. To me, that’s the America dream.


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